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UPDATE: 2023/10/05 03:45 EST BY SANUJ BHATIA

Android 14 is now officially available for download on compatible Google Pixel devices. Here's how to install it right away.

After months and weeks of testing, the stable version of Android 14 is finally rolling out for eligible Google Pixel devices. This update started shortly after the Made by Google's '23 event, where they introduced the Pixel 8 series and Pixel Watch 2. You can now get the latest version on devices like Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and the Pixel Tablet.

You may have already received a notification about the Android 14 update on your Pixel device. If, however, you have not received the notification, head over to Settings > System > System update > Check for update > Download and Install. Once it's downloaded, your phone will begin installing it in the background. Please note that this process may take some time (more than an hour). Once it's done, restart your phone to finish the update.

Original Article (April 13, 2023): Earlier this year, Google released the Android 14 Developer Preview, giving... developers... a chance to try out the latest version of Android. Google has now moved on to the next stage of testing with the release of the Android 14 Beta, allowing anyone with a compatible Pixel phone to try out the latest version of the OS. The Developer Preview, while also available to all Pixel users, was plagued with bugs and was not suitable enough for daily use. Now, the Android 14 Beta offers an improvement over the Developer Preview, with fewer bugs and a more polished user experience.

Installing the Android 14 Beta on your Pixel smartphone is now easier than ever before. Google has simplified the installation process to make it almost as seamless as receiving a standard system update. However, it's essential to keep in mind that this is still the first Beta version of Android 14, and it comes with its own share of glitches, half-baked features, and potential issues. If you're willing to accept the occasional hiccup in exchange for getting an early taste of Android 14 on your Pixel smartphone, follow along our easy installation guide.

It's worth noting that the Android 14 is still a pre-release beta software. While it is generally safe to install on primary device, some features may not work as intended. As a result, you may need to opt out of the beta program and set up your Pixel from scratch, so proceed with caution.

Android 14 Beta: Supported devices

Pixel 6a review

Currently, only a limited number of Google Pixel smartphones are compatible with the Android 14 Beta. This means that users with smartphones from other companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, Nothing, and others will have to wait for the stable Android 14 release from their respective manufacturers. Here's a list of officially supported devices for the Android 14 Beta:

What to do before installing Android 14 on your Google Pixel?

Before you go ahead and install the beta on your device — and this isn't limited to just Android 14 beta, but the all of your tech gadgets — it's always a good idea to backup your device. While installing the beta won't erase your data, in case you need to switch back to Android 13 from Android 14, you'll need to wipe your phone entirely and start over from scratch. Therefore, it's essential to take a backup of your device before proceeding. Make sure you check out our in-depth Android backup guide to backup the important data on your smartphone.

How to install Android 14 with the Android Beta Program

Now for the exciting part: how to install the Android 14 Beta on your Google Pixel smartphone? Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these steps to join the Android Beta program, and you'll be able to install the beta from the software updates section in settings, just like any other update:

  • Head over to the Android Beta Program website and sign in with the same Google account as your Pixel device.
  • Next, tap the View eligible devices button to see the list of your eligible Pixel devices.
  • Select the Pixel phone you want to install the Android 14 Beta on and then tap Opt-in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the prompt, and then check the box that says "I agree to the terms of the beta program."
  • Hit Confirm and enroll.
  • Now, on your Google Pixel smartphone, head over to Settings → System → System update and check for update. The Android 14 beta should be available to install.

When will your Google Pixel get the stable Android 14 update?

LI Android 14 timeline
Source: Google, Illustration by Roland Udvarlaki (Pocketnow)

If you prefer not to install the Android 14 Beta on your device, that's perfectly okay. You can wait for the stable release to become available. Google is planning to release five beta versions of Android 14 through April (already out), May, June, and two releases in July. The company will likely release the stable version in August 2023.

Experience Android 14 on these Pixel smartphone right now!

  • Google Pixel 7
    Google Pixel 7

    The new Google Pixel 7 is powered by the all-new Google Tensor G2 chipset. The device is coupled with 8GB of memory, and it has 128/256GB storage tiers. The phone comes with a significantly improved camera system, and it's more portable than the last generation.  The Pixel 7 is available in Obsidian, Lemongrass, and Snow colors. 

  • PBI Pixel 7 Pro White Snow 3
    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    The Google Pixel 7 Pro, powered by the new Google Pixel Tensor sensor, provides great graphics performance and computing power to let you easily play all of your favorite games and multitask. The device also has a highly capable camera setup that's backed by a unique post-processing algorithm that helps achieve great results.

  • PBI Pixel 6a white
    Google Pixel 6a
    $249 $449 Save $200

    If high refresh rate, wireless charging, and a glass back aren't important to you, then the affordable Pixel 6a is a great option. It offers the same features as the pricier Pixel models, but at a lower cost. Additionally, this smartphone allows you to run Android 14 at an affordable price point. Check out the links below for all the available deals on this device.