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The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus bring exciting new hardware to the base model of the iPhone for 2023. If you've already placed an order for your unit — or have received yours already — you might be on the lookout for a great case to protect your brand-new phone.

To make your case hunt simpler, here, we've shortlisted some of the best protective case options available in the market for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

These are the best cases for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

  • PBI iPhone 15 FineWoven Case
    Apple FineWoven Case (iPhone 15)
    Made by Apple

    Made from durable microtwill, the Apple FineWoven case replaces leather accessories across Apple's lineup of products. This material features a soft, suedelike feel and is said to be environmentally conscious. Like other official cases, it will quickly snap into place and not add too much bulk to your iPhone despite the material change.

  • PBI PITAKA Case (iPhone 15)
    PITAKA Case (iPhone 15)
    Thin & Light

    The PITAKA Case is made from 600D aramid fiber and will offer long-lasting protection for your device. In addition, it's one of the lightest cases available in the market. PITAKA even states that it has made gripping the phone (when inside the case) easier with chamfering along the edges.

  • PBI MUJJO Leather Case (iPhone 15)
    MUJJO Leather Case (iPhone 15)
    Ecco Leather

    Made from gold-rated leather, the MUJJO Leather Case is a simple yet graceful accessory with minimal branding. It features metal accent buttons that provide great tactile feedback while adding an aspect of classiness. A raised bezel around the camera bump and a microfiber lining on the inside further add to the protective nature of the case.

  • PBI elago iPhone 15 Silicone Case
    elago Silicone Case (iPhone 15)
    Best Value

    The elago Liquid Silicone Case is an affordable alternative to the official Apple Silicone Case. It lacks the array of magnets that enable MagSafe, but if you're looking for inexpensive protection that doesn't feel lacking when held in hand, this is an accessory worth considering. It's also available in 25 different color options.

  • PBI SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro iPhone 15
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (iPhone 15)

    In partnership with SUPCASE

    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro will provide 20-feet drop protection to the iPhone 15 series with its multi-layer design and keep the device free from dents. It comes with extras like a built-in kickstand, a front frame with a built-in screen protector, and a belt-clip attachment.

  • PBI Best Buy iPhone 15 Soft Shell Clear Case
    Best Buy Soft Shell Case (iPhone 15)
    Best Value Clear Case

    The Best Buy essentials Soft-Shell Clear Case is a simple and lightweight accessory that will protect the iPhone 15's chassis and keep it safe from scratches. It's even mentioned that the accessory has undergone 120 hours of testing to ensure there isn't any yellowing due to sunlight.

  • PBI NOMAD Modern Leather Case (iPhone 15)
    NOMAD Modern Leather Case (iPhone 15)
    Leather + Rugged

    The NOMAD Modern Leather Case is a premium accessory with a polycarbonate frame covered in leather and TPE. While the back of the accessory presents a soft-touch feel, the sides provide a more resistive feel with the grippy rubber-like material. The buttons on the case are made from anodized aluminum and add another layer of class.

  • PBI iPhone 15 Silicone Case
    Apple Silicone Case (iPhone 15)
    Made by Apple

    The Apple Silicone Case (with MagSafe) adds a layer of protection to your iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. All while allowing for an element of personalization with its numerous color options and compatibility with features of your iPhone. Plus, its soft-touch finish will feel great in your hand, while the soft microfiber lining on the inner side will further protect your phone.

  • PBI OtterBox Defender Series Pro (iPhone 15)
    OtterBox Defender Series Pro (iPhone 15)
    Rugged Protection

    Designed for use with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, the OtterBox Defender protective case is a great multi-layer accessory for protection against falls. The OtterBox even features add-ons like port covers to keep dirt and grime out, plus an antimicrobial coating to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

  • PBI iPhone 15 Clear Case
    Apple Clear Case (iPhone 15)
    Made by Apple

    The Apple Clear Case is a combination of a polycarbonate back — with built in magnets for MagSafe — with a TPU frame that add protection to your iPhone while allowing it to show off its color.

  • PBI Spigen Liquid Air (iPhone 15)
    Spigen Liquid Air (iPhone 15)
    Simple and Effective

    The Spigen Liquid Air Armor — similar to other products from Spigen's lineup — features a slim build with a textured back cover. The latter adds an anti-slip aspect to the protective cover. It's available in three colors that will complement your iPhone 15. Plus, it features a military-grade rating thanks to its robust build and use of Spigen's own Air Cushion technology.

  • PBI i-Blason Ares Mag (iPhone 15)
    i-Blason Ares Mag (iPhone 15)

    In partnership with i-Blason

    i-Blason Ares Mag is a rugged case with a transparent back with add-ons like a built-in screen protector and MagSafe compatibility. Due to its rugged nature, the accessory even features raised bezels around all sides. It's available in multiple colors to pair with your iPhone 15 to ensure your device continues to look great.

  • PBI Insignia Hard Shell (iPhone 15)
    insignia Hard-Shell Case (iPhone 15)
    Decent Value

    The Insignia Hard-Shell Case features a build similar to the Apple Clear Case. If you're looking for an affordable accessory with a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, this is the one to choose. You can customize it with lots of stickers or let it show off the color of your iPhone 15 series device.

  • PBI dbrand GRIP Case (iPhone 15)
    dbrand GRIP (iPhone 15)

    The dbrand GRIP brings customizability to the world of smartphone cases with the help of skins. You can personalize the case with various patterns or choose materials like leather that add class. The case is also MagSafe-compatible and comes with military-grade protection ratings. Not to forget, it's one of the best cases around when it comes to in-hand grip.

  • PBI SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag iPhone 15
    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag (iPhone 15)

    In partnership with SUPCASE

    A rendition of the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro, the UB Pro Mag has the same capabilities as the standard version but with the added compatibility with MagSafe accessories. It has built-in screen protection, a kickstand, and a belt holster attachment.

  • PBI MOFT MOVAS Snap Case (iPhone 15)
    MOFT MOVAS Snap Case (iPhone 15)
    Vegan Leather

    The MOFT Snap Phone Case MOVAS is a vegan leather accessory available in fun colors, which the brand promises will hold color. It's also made with sustainable materials that are durable yet soft to the touch.

  • PBI Bellroy Everglade Phone Case (iPhone 15)
    Bellroy Phone Case (iPhone 15)
    Leather and Wallet

    The Bellroy Phone Case is a natural leather option that's worth considering if you're looking for a leather case that features a built-in wallet. It's available in three shades, Black, Clay, and Green.

  • PBI UAG Monarch Case (iPhone 15)
    UAG Monarch Case (iPhone 15)
    Premium Pick

    The Monarch Pro — UAG's most rugged case — features a lightweight construction and offers MagSafe functionality despite its sturdy design. The case brings a unique flavor due to design elements spread across its back and corners.

  • PBI ROKFORM Rugged Series Case (iPhone 15)
    ROKFORM Rugged Series Case (iPhone 15)
    Support for Add-ons

    The ROKFORM Rugged Series for iPhone 15 is a protective accessory, with its key selling point being support for attachments. This ability makes it a great option for those that participate in various outdoor activities. The protective case even fully supports MagSafe, with multiple magnets built into its body.

  • PBI CASETiFY Impact Case (iPhone 15)
    CASETiFY Impact Case (iPhone 15)
    Premium Pick

    The CASETiFY Impact Case is a designer rugged case that adds military-grade protection to your iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. We mention designer as, once you visit the brand's website, you'll see there are a lot of unique variants you can choose to make the case feel more yours.

  • PBI CASETiFY Bounce Case (iPhone 15)
    CASETiFY Bounce Case (iPhone 15)
    High Drop Protection

    Like the Impact case, the CASETiFY Bounce case is available in several styles, but where it differentiates from the latter is how it deals with protection against falls, with the addition of 21.3 feet of drop protection.

Which iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus case should you buy?

The list of cases we've prepared above covers a wide variety of categories, featuring options that include inexpensive cases and those that use materials like leather. There's also a hint of environmentally friendly choices in there, including Apple's FineWoven case and the MOFT Snap Phone Case MOVAS.

But if you've been unable to select one, here are our favorites from the list. First, if minimalism is key but so is protection, the Spigen Liquid Air is a great inexpensive option. But the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro will be perfect if you find yourself in rough environments. The OtterBox Defender comes in a close third place.

If you want to experience a premium accessory, the MUJJO Leather Case is a great pick, as it features a build made entirely with leather. As mentioned earlier, the MOFT Snap Phone Case MOVAS will serve as a more environmentally conscious option.

And lastly, if personalization is of the highest importance, the dbrand GRIP is our favorite. It's textured sides — which are also somewhat reinforced — ensure that you do not miss out on security against falls, but the ability to stick various patterns on the back via skins is quite fun.

But at the end of the day, if you're worried about adding too much bulk and MagSafe accessory compatibility with your iPhone, the first-party option, Apple's Silicone Case with MagSafe, is the safest bet you can take!

  • pbi-iphone-15
    iPhone 15

    The iPhone 15 comes with a 6.1-inch OLED display with the new Dynamic Island, a dual camera setup, new colors, and a USB Type-C port. It's powered by the Apple A16 Bionic chip, and it's the most affordable high-end iPhone you can get your hands on today.

  • pbi-iphone-15-plus
    iPhone 15 Plus

    The iPhone 15 Plus is larger than the standard iPhone 15. It comes with a 6.7-inch OLED display, a dual camera setup, new colors, and a USB Type-C port. It's powered by the Apple A16 Bionic chip, and it's the best and most affordable large iPhone you can get your hands on today.