My Sister, Sister-in-Law, and I Replaced Our Fancy Dinnerware with These Target Bowls That Are Just $5 Apiece

They’ve outlasted pricier dishes from my wedding registry.

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When my husband and I got engaged, we did what every couple does during the planning stages — created a wedding registry. We were grateful for all of the gifts, one of which included higher-end plates and bowls that we felt we needed at the time. Fast forward years later, and they’ve become chipped, cracked, stained, and subsequently tossed. I’ve since vowed to never spend that much (or allow a loved one to) on dishes again.

After losing nearly all of my bowls and plates to the aforementioned issues, I replaced them with Threshold’s simple white glass dinner bowls and dinner plates, and they’re the only dishes I reach for in my cabinet now. Unlike the pricey picks on our registry, Target’s pack of three bowls are $15 (or just $5 apiece) and the plates just $3. A few months after I swapped my dishes while visiting both my sister and sister-in-law, I was shocked to discover that they had the same exact thought as me, stocking up on the same durable and affordable bowls that took the place of dishes in their own kitchen cabinets.

Made By Design 3-Pack Glass Dinner Bowls

Target 3pk Glass Dinner Bowls - Made By Design™


The sleek and simple white design of Threshold’s glass bowls makes them an easy addition to your kitchenware, whether you need more options for your current set or want to fully replace your current collection like I did. They’re ultra-light, and even though they’re made of glass, my butterfingers have dropped the bowls more than once onto hard tile flooring and they didn’t break, crack, or even chip. I also appreciate that food hasn’t stained them yet, despite their bright white color, including marinara sauce that sat unwashed for a few hours or food coloring from when my kids made slime. Their shiny design also makes removing stuck-on food like melted cheese extremely easy, almost like they’re the bowl version of a nonstick pan.

The 44-ounce, 7-inch round bowls are 2.72 inches high, and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe but do get hot if they’re heated for too long. My sister and sister-in-law have both had a similar experience, sharing that they’ve used them daily for soup, salad, pasta, and serving side dishes, and they haven’t seen any scratches, discoloration, or cracks. 

Shoppers agree with the three of us, with one person noting that they’re “sturdy, resistant, deep,” while another noted that they’re “lightweight” despite being “huge” and “perfect for a big salad, pasta, or even if you want a little extra ice cream.” 

Stock up on these not-so-basic and budget-friendly bowls while they’re in stock (the gray color already sold out), and grab my sisters’ and my go-to matching dinner plates, salad plates, or our bowl’s smaller version starting at just $3, too.

Made By Design Glass Dinner Plate

Target Glass Salad Plate 7.4" White - Made By Design™


Made By Design Glass Salad Plate

Target Glass Dinner Plate 10.7" White - Made By Design™


Made By Design Glass Bowl

Target 16oz Glass Bowl - Made By Design™


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