Amazon Shoppers Have Finally Discovered a Nonstick Frying Pan That Works—and It's Only $25

It’s the ‘perfect omelet pan.’

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Amazon Tramontina Professional Fry Pan


There are some frying pans brands out that boast their nonstick, easy-to-clean properties — but you get the pan home, it just doesn’t live up to the hype. Maybe when you try to slide your perfectly fried egg out of the pan, it refuses to budge. Or residue from seared pork chops needs to be soaked and scrubbed off. While nonstick  pans can frequently be disappointing, Amazon shoppers have discovered an affordable option that actually works. 

If you’re tired of dealing with below average nonstick, try this best selling Tramontina frying pan. More than 4,000 of these pans have been sold in the past month, thanks to the fact that food slides right off the surface with ease — and that it’s only $25 right now. 

Tramontina 8-Inch Fry Pan

October Amazon Prime Day Tramontina Professional Fry Pans


This 8-inch frying pan has a stainless steel exterior, while the interior of the pan is made from nonstick heavy-gauge aluminum, and works with any type of cooktop. It shouldn’t take more than a quick swipe with a damp rag to clean it out, but for a thorough clean, this pan is also dishwasher-safe. It even comes with a removable silicone cover for the handle to prevent any accidental burns when you pick it up off the stove.

With enough space to do anything from saute vegetables to pan-fry breaded chicken cutlets, this frying pan is versatile enough to use everyday. But that’s just one reason that this pan has topped Amazon’s Movers and Shakers rankings. According to shoppers, what really makes this pan stand out is that the smooth, chemical-free nonstick coating actually works. 

One shopper wrote that after wasting money on pans where the “nonstick coatings [wears] off after less than a year,” they tried this “perfect” Tramontina pan. They discovered that “omelets slip out of the pan without needing a spatula,” and added that the surface is more durable than ceramic nonstick pans they’ve tried. 

Another shopper called this pan “exceptional” and wrote that the performance of this pan “went above and beyond,” the Calphalon pan they used to use. They added that this one can handle high heat with no damage, and that “clean up is effortless.”

This Tramontina pan is affordable, it doesn't require rigorous cleaning, and the nonstick coating will last for years. Now that it’s just $25, grab one for yourself and wave your cooking woes goodbye. 

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At the time of publishing the price was $25. 

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