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This summer we are excited to continue sharing the revitalized curriculum we’ve developed for our girls programs. It was awesome last summer!

Our aim is to guide girls to engage the power of their bodies, minds and hearts to pursue their passion and purpose in life.When girls are aligned with themselves, connected with what matters most to them, and have simple yet powerful tools, they grow into women who able to bring their unique gifts to the world in a way that is of service to others and a joyful celebration of who they are. Read more here.

This spring we are offering a new mother-daughter program in partnership with two local organizations, plus a women’s quest into the canyons of Utah. Visit our workshops page for all the details.

Feet On The Earth Programs is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Boulder, Colorado. Please contact us if you want more information or to be involved as a volunteer with Feet On The Earth.

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Lorene Wapotich

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Lorene Wapotich

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photo by Kirsten Boyer Photography

FOTE is a licensed childcare provider in the State of Colorado and our programs meet all Boulder County Public Health requirements.