The Role of Silence and Scouting Begins

Here is what Falcon Circle was up to this last week!!

We had a awesome day last Thursday at Falcon Circle with lots of game
playing and outside time. We started our day off together by having a
opening circle where I shared with them some of the skills that I have, as
well as some of the activities I am looking forward to doing with your
children. I also wanted to hear about some of their passions and what they
would be most interested in learning and working on this year. It was great
way to hear the group’s needs and for everyone’s voice to be heard.

After lunch and opening circle we played a new favorite game called wolf
pack attack, where the goal is to pull your opponent’s tail out. Your kids
can teach you more about the rules if you are interested. We then had a
little bit of free time and came back together to share with each other what
we are thankful for, which we did by first having some personal silent time
to really connect to what we were thankful for.

We then headed out into the cottonwoods to work on our scout skills. To do
this, we played a game called fire-keeper where one person is blindfolded,
sitting with many bandanas around them,  and the others have to try and
sneak up and grab a bandana without being heard by the blindfolded person.
While playing this game we learned about some of the 8 points of awareness.
Ask your children about sacred silence, fox walking, or owl eyes.

After working on our scout skills, we decided to have some personal time in
nature. By all using our body radar we all found a nice place to sit alone
and just observe the natural world around us. When we came back together we
talked about what we noticed and what we were aware of. At this point our
time was nearing an end, and we had a closing circle where we talked about
the high points and low points of the day and we played one last quick game
together that we are all hoping to have more time next week to play.

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