What can we learn from fallen leaves?

   The sun warmed us on this beautiful autumn day, even though the chill in the air and the changing leaves reminded us that winter is on its way! Robin Circle gathered under the shade of the pines for another day of fun and learning.

We began as we always do, with a game of fire (or flood) in the forest, and a round of thanksgiving. We welcomed our new member, Noelle, who was thankful that we were all alright after the flood and for being able to come back to Robin Circle! Others were thankful for the knowledge they learned that day from the firefighters about how to safely get out of a burning building, for the warm sunshine, and for “everything!” We sent a blanket of thanks to all unsaid. Do you think that the things we could be thankful for in life is infinite?

After the girls finished their snacks we sang the Robin Circle Song in our prettiest, softest, LOUDEST, and scariest voices! Then, the girls grew restless so we jumped into a fast and fun game of Wolf Pup! We laughed and rolled in the grass and leaves until our arms and legs grew tired. Some of the girls were such great matches, they couldn’t escape from one another! They wriggled and twisted their bodies until they could finally tap the mama wolf on the head to end the round! Phew, these wolf pups have some strength!


After the game, the girls weren’t quite ready to stop playing. Somehow or another, someone got a face-full of leaves, which started a big leaf fight! We laughed and chased each other, eventually creating a large pile of leaves that the girls tumbled into in turn. Trevanna joined us and shared some wisdom about the usefulness of leaves. She asked, are leaves good for eating? “No!” the girls yelled in chorus. How about making clothes? Some shook their heads and said, “nope!” What are they good for then?” She said, “each of you, grab a big handful of leaves and bring them back to me!” The girls did as she asked and when they came back with armfuls of the colorful leaves, she said, Do you think leaves can keep us warm when we’re cold? Some of the girls nodded, others, not so sure, waited to see what she was getting at…. Trevanna pulled her sweatshirt away from her body and said, fill my shirt with leaves! By the end of it, she looked like she’d gained 50 pounds, and she looked so warm!! The leaves had created layers of insulation around her body that kept her warm from the chilly air. What a great skill to know if we’re ever stuck in the wild without proper layers! The girls followed her example and soon enough we had many little ones with big, warm, and crunchy midriffs!!


the girls gathered their cattail sit-upons that we started at our last meeting, grabbed a handful of leaves, and continued to weave. It is beautiful to see how each girl’s voice speaks through her weaving! Some were woven tight and neat, others were a bit more messy, some more loosely woven, and some with small bandages from broken leaves! Each one was special and unique, a perfect mat to keep our bottoms dry and warm!


After we finished weaving, the girls continued to play in the leaves. Little did they know, we had a surprise for them! We asked the girls to find the prettiest leaf and flower they could, and bring them back to us. We pulled out three beautiful flower presses, and filled the pages with the leaves. In just a couple of weeks, the leaves and flowers will be flat, but still as beautiful as they once were! Maybe we will make some pretty bookmarks from our found treasures!

We closed circle with a rather abrupt game of “chase me!!” which tired us instructors out quite a bit! We ran around in the grass until finally all of the parents had to pretty much drag the girls away. What a beautiful and fun day!


This week, think about how we used cattail leaves to make a useful little mat, and how warm the leaves can keep us when we’re cold. What other natural things can we use to build with or create useful tools?

Until next time! <3 <3

Arielle Nuthatch, Katie Hummingbird, and Ann Spider

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