Rediscovering our Senses

Last week at Falcon Circle we started by playing a challenging game called
Chipmunk steals cinnamon bun, which involves having quick reflexes, as well
as a sneaky attitude. We are hoping to continue to play it over the next few
weeks to help build our skills. From there, we usually have some free time
to play on the playground, however, many of us were having so much fun
playing games together that we all decided to play some more games as a
group. We played a very large tag game where you are only safe if you are
touching the types of tree or plant that the facilitator shouts out, the
game is called tree tag.

We then had a short break for some free time and came back together to share
what we are thankful for and to sing a silly song as a group. After our
opening circle, everyone paired off with partners for our next activity. The
challenge they were proposed was to be led blindfolded by their partners to
a tree somewhere on the school land. Once at their tree, they would have
about 5-10 minutes to explore this tree as best they could without using
their eyes. After the exploration time, they were then led away from their
tree and asked to take their blindfold off. The challenge now was that they
had to identify which tree they were just previously exploring. After
everyone had found their tree we came together to talk about what it was
like to use our other senses to get to know something. We also talked about
how by being blindfolded our other senses are naturally heightened.

We then took to having some quiet time in Nature before the end of the day.
Each of us found a special sit spot and explored it using three different
perspectives, standing, sitting, and lying down. We closed the day with a
discussion about how our perception changed depending on how we looked at
the world.

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