Welcome to the blog!

Greetings Coyote Clan Families!

Welcome to the new blog!  Here you will find the stories of our time together at Coyote Clan.

Monday, Nov. 4th marked our second day back to Left Hand Canyon, post-flood.  It has been wondrous to return to our Feet on the Earth home, with so many new areas to explore and neat things to find.  Just in time for the colder weather, we are now able to make fires, and thus have begun our efforts in primitive fire making and fire tending.  Each of us will be crafting, or fine tuning, our fire kits, and practicing the techniques to be successful at this difficult task.  One of the first ways to find success with friction-fire, is with the help of your peers and mentors, and I look forward to the results of our hard work; the warmth of the fire.

As a part of our reconnection with the land, we went searching for a place to call home, the Coyote’s Den.  This week we tried out a place nestled up against the southern hill-side, between some evergreens.  We established a fire pit, and began working on making a friction-fire coal.  Time flew by as we worked with our fire kits in groups, and lunch time arrived as soon as our fire was made.  Much laughter was had in our new place, really making it feel like home for Coyote Clan.  After lunch, we each wondered and collected things from the land to bring back to the den, creating more connection to this place.  In the morning we had wrapped some bundles of Juniper, and before saying farewell to the land, we had one more sweet moment around the fire where we made intentions for growth, learning and general betterment of ourselves, completed by the gifting of Juniper to the fire.

Thank you for the good, fun work we get to do with your boys, they’re a great bunch!


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