After the break

After a week away to spend time with family and friends, the Coyote family found there way back together on the Andreas land.  The sky currents were swiftly moving, with a snow storm crawling eastward through the Rocky Mountains, certain to meet the Front Range in the days to come.

The morning was so pleasant, the pack decided to venture to the upper-meadow for some games and exploration.  We paused at the base of our hike to share gratitude and song, followed by a snack.  In the midst of our small hike, tracks were found, canine, the paws held beautifully in the red clay substrate.  Continuing upward, into a stretch of pine forest on the hill-side, here we played a game of Eagle Eye.  Camouflage and hiding skills are put to the test against the acute perception of one Eagle, who must stay within the boundaries of it’s nest while trying to identify the many hidden sneaky critters about.  Hiding always involves getting really close with the Earth.  Whether it is being in a bush, nestled behind a tree, or burying yourself in debris.  With lunch fast approaching, we fox-trotted our way to some flatter ground in the forest for a quick game of capture-the-flag, and after working up an appetite, consensus was on making a small lunch fire back in the Coyote’s Den.

In the afternoon, now full-bellied, the boys enjoyed some free time around the land, and I really enjoy observing these times.  Play and story still come so naturally, in their young masculine beings, and I know that the times like these where they can just seamlessly be themselves, boys, together, playing, are perhaps the most important.  So, after some freeplay, we as Coyote Clan, took it upon ourselves to gather fire supplies for the coming cold.  Satisfied that we guaranteed the warmth of many Feet on the Earth peoples for the days to come, we circled up one last time for the day.  Kyle mentioned the overnight camping some of the other programs have been doing, and without even asking if the boys were interesting in doing something similar, they unanimously voiced their want to end the Fall session that way.  You may have already found an email related to this :)

And at that, it was a fun and beautiful day.  Until next week,

The Pine Society

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