A cold one!

Being the coldest day of our year thus far, we spent a lot of time staying warm by the fire.  Fortunately, it seems everyone had something to cook over the fire and plenty of hot drinks!  Throughout the day we went on mini-adventures, before returning to the fire in the Tipee.  We traveled to areas of the land we generally do not see too often, why?  Ice everywhere!  With the creek frozen over, it really makes getting around a whole lot easier…until you slip that is.  Either way, we walked quite a ways up the creek on our first adventure, playing on the ice, finding frozen waterfalls, and eventually startled at the sound of two Kestrels who may not have been as happy as we were to be exploring their territory.  After lunch, the ice sliding inevitably began.  This really was just a great time of us all playing together out in the snow and around the creek.  Nothing will keep you warm on such a cold day like having fun!  Before we knew it, it was time for a story, sharing about our favorite parts of the day, and putting out the fire.  Until next time.

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