First Coyote Clan of 2014!

Cool winds blew through sunrise and on into our meeting this morning for our first day of Coyote Clan this year.   In the shadow of our big beautiful red cliffs, we gathered in the flood plain and played the game we call fox tails.   Darting back and forth, we tried to sneak up behind one another and steal bandannas from our back pockets.   With all the running and dodging and feinting, we shook of the morning’s cold lazy feeling, warmed up  and brought our bodies to life.

As the sun rose high over the mountains and poured its warmth into our little valley, we migrated south to the flood-debris fort we call the “underworld.”  There we played some animal form games, sang songs and brought our minds together by sharing gratitude and focusing our minds on all the beauty around us in our lives.   That left us ready to face the day with a spirit of cooperation.  First-off, we discovered a new game:

Yetis lurked in our woods, breathing frost and hiding in the shadows, waiting to capture and eat unsuspecting coyote pups (or boys).  In these mysterious mountain woods, the Yeti alone held the gift of fire.  The poor coyote pups were so cold that they decided to steal some of the Yeti’s fire.  So working together and using only bird sounds and coyote ‘yips’ to communicate, the boys set out to steal fire from the instructor’s camp.  Many were captured, but in the end, they managed to sneak some matches back to their camp and even started a nice warm fire by which to eat lunch.

Lunch gave us all a chance to refresh, crack jokes and catch up with each other.  We also remembered and refreshed our four Feet on the Earth Agreements:  1. To Respect Each other; 2. To Respect Ourselves; 3. To Respect Nature; and 4. Not to leave the group without checking in with an instructor.

In the Afternoon, we wandered, timeless, across the land, wordlessly rediscovering our connection to Earth and it’s wonders.  When we regrouped to welcome the end of our day together, we heard the story of how a small kingdom of happy people long ago discovered the importance of carrying their youth through the trials of adolescence.  After sharing our highs and lows and the stories of the day, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the road.

See your next time!

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