A Snowy January Day

Coyote clan, around the ti pi fire
Coyote clan, around the ti pi fire

Low, slow-moving clouds covered the sky, glowing light gray with daylight but still shedding snowflakes on the valley.  Up high on the eastward mountainside, a small herd of deer looking like specks foraged what they could find amid the layers of frost and fluff. We gathered in the morning under this snow cloud blanket, and after some fun and games to warm ourselves, we headed straight for the ti pi.  By the time we made it there, some of us already felt the cold again, so we made a fire and held our thanksgiving gratitude circle around its beautiful crackling logs and lapping flames.

After warming up, we ventured back outside to play in the snow.  The deer herd had circled us,  watching curiously from just above us in the southern meadow as we tramped west along the pre-flood creek bed.  This time in our game we became squirrels, looking to steal “nuts” from a big stash in the center of the woods.  However, we had learned how to throw snowballs, and so the game became a great free-for-all.

After lunch around the fire, we made our way up one of the mountains for a snow-time sledding sit spot on the steepest north-facing part of its beautiful snow-covered hills.  A couple of us who lagged behind scouted silently up the east side of the mountain, ready to sneak up and spy on the sledders.  We followed a deer trail in the snow up until we reached the ridge, where four bedding deer stood in mild surprise to see us step out from behind a patch of junipers.

We had plenty of excited stories to harvest at our closing circle, and left under the same peaceful clouds under which we arrived.

See you next week!

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