From one of the girls!

Jessica (11) wrote this post back in November. She describes much of the flood’s impact. Thanks, Jessica…



Hello from the Bear Clan girls!

There certainly were surprises when after the flood we came back to the place where Feet on the Earth was originally held. The river had moved. There were fallen trees everywhere. Most of the landmarks had been swept away by a raging current.

We got to do a scavenger hunt of where landmarks used to be before the flood and got to see what was there now. The canal was wrecked, the metal dam by it floated away, but the concrete that was surrounding the dam is still there. The lily pad covered pond was destroyed by the flood (we never even found a lily pad or a lily). The juniper camp was covered in sand. The original bridge, how we used to get across the river, is no longer near the river. We now get a choice of where to cross the water because there are two bridges.

Some things still haven’t changed like: We still get to carve, play, and learn together. And a Bear Clan member, Anne Nicault, got the first solo coal.

So we still are having a lot of fun at Bear Clan!

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