2-week catch up

From the desk of Hanna:

Shelter in progress!
Shelter in progress!

Hey Raccoon Clan Families!

Had a couple of fun weeks at Raccoon Clan since we last posted. On the 13th we stayed in the northern part of the land, playing games and working together on team challenges. We followed up on a challenge we had given the kids a couple weeks previous in which they had to brave a treacherous bridge crossing where one miss-step could have them falling into the clutches of the ugly trolls (aka the instructors) who guarded the bridge. The children had to work together to make sure everyone made it across to succeed despite missing stepping stones and not being able to talk. It was a day for games, so after they had successfully crossed the troll bridge, we wandered north to find a good spot to play Hawk and Bird Tribe. This game is a version of Capture the Flag, but instead of 2 teams it is everyone (the bird tribe) against two hawks (Max and James). Kids are only allowed to speak in bird language and are only safe in their nest which is far from the flag. Despite the uneven numbers, the hawks defended their treasure bravely until finally a small group of little birds was able to bring the flag back to the nest. After running around and sneaking for so long, the kids were hungry for lunch, which we followed up with a short sit spot before story. Kyle told a beautiful story which came from a friend’s dream about a giant moth and a boy. And then it was time to go home!
Walker excited to build the shelter
The week of the 20th found us with a visitor in our midst! Hattie was visiting from the UK where she has taught at a Waldorf school and run programs similar to the ones at Feet on the Earth. She fit right in with the energy of our group and we had a great time playing games with her. On this particular Thursday we returned to a pattern which had worked well in the past of offering several different options and letting the children decide what they most wanted to do. The options were working on fire (Blakeley got a coal with Kyle’s help on a kit she made herself!), making bow drill kits, and helping construct the shelter that is going up in what has become the Raccoon Clan den. It is quite the ambitious project and is going to be pretty amazing once completed. You’ll have to come see it! It was a sunny but windy day, so we clustered around the fire for lunch, appreciating its warmth and that of the sun. After lunch and another game, it was time for sit spot and wander. In the same groups we established early this season, we chose a direction and followed our bodies to a good place to sit or explore until we were called back by a wolf howl. The story that day was told by somebody relatively new, who bravely volunteered to tell a story on only her second time at Raccoon Clan. We are excited to have Katrina interning at Raccoon Clan and were thrilled to hear her story about the beginning of the world and how dragons came to be. Then it was time for closing circle and getting all of our stuff together because we were late!!!
James' conga line
James’ conga line

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