Clear Day Fire-making

The dense morning fog rolled back as beams of the rising sun cut through.  A thin film of ice covered everything, but quickly melted away into dampness as the day warmed up quickly.  We left right away for the far side of the snow-melt swelling creek, where we embodied “animal forms” in order to play a special game of tag.  At circle we were sat together in a comfortable warmth for the first time in a series of chilly mornings this spring.  After sharing our gratitude and bringing our hearts together in unity, we broke circle for a game of noodle-ninja.

For those uninitiated readers, this game involves a lone samurai, encircled by stealthy ninjas.  The samurai must defend himself using only his trusty pool-noodle sword and his sense of hearing, because he his blindfolded.  The ninjas’ goal is to tag the samurai a certain number of times, without being cut down by his “blade.”

After the game, we heard a story about a village long ago, where all the young people were charged with learning to tend fire.  Their elders and older brothers and sisters knew that this was important for them to do, because by tending fire, we also learn how to tend the fire inside of our own hearts.  So the morning was spent crafting bow drill kits, practicing friction fire techniques, and learning about how to build fires.

After lunch, we split up and wandered off to seek out special sit spots in the creek’s floodplain.

Next week, we’ll continue making bow-drill kits and learning to make fire with them.



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