The Three Troll Challenges

Today, we gathered our minds together in gratitude for everything, eating our snack in the warm light of the ever-stronger February sun.   As we sat, our enjoyment of these early gifts of spring was echoed by the sweet wick-a calls of Northern Flickers, sounds we had not heard since much warmer times.

After snack, we heard the story of a magical land where three trolls reigned, and a group of young adventurers sought the treasure they guarded.  The story quickly came to life, as we arranged for an obstacle course of troll-ridden challenges stretching alongside the stream.  First the boys had to sneak up behind a great big troll and capture his magic ring.  This troll, however, had poor eyesight, and could only detect motion, so by standing still when the troll gazed in their direction, the adventurers were able to capture the ring.  When they had shuffled the ring between them so that the troll could not guess who had it, they used the ring to turn the troll back into James, and James joined them in the next challenge…

The adventurers had to pass through a narrow bottleneck guarded by a ferocious man-eating troll.  This troll was entirely blind, but had great hearing.  By walking over the leaf-litter without making a sound, the adventurers were eventually able to pass this troll without being caught by his clawed hands.  After passing, they used the magic ring to turn this troll back into Kyle.

Finally, everyone together approached the last and most fearsome troll.  This troll was utterly blind, but had great hearing.  On top of that, he was able to shoot fireballs from his fingertips.  The adventurers sought to steal the treasure lying in front of this last troll, but in order take it and bring it safely away from the troll, they had to walk without making a sound, because if this troll pointed even a finger your way, you would be hit with fireballs.

At the end of our day, we gathered together and shared our highlights of the day.

See you next week at the park!

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