Making Coals and Burning Bowls

This beautiful day of early March, we met early by the driveway with the weekend’s snow still blanketing the ground.  Coyote tracks criss-crossed the narrow dirt road.  When a couple of us decided to explore the old canal bed, now dry, we discovered something marvelous.  Cougar tracks from the weekend ran the length, then crossed the driveway, a wide field, and dropped down to follow Lefthand creek downstream.

Returning from our expedition, we relocated to the Juniper camp, where we remembered last week’s story of the boys who took coals to kindle their fires.  Following on the inspiration of that story, we decided to make coal burned bowls to carry our own fire-starting coals in.  First, however, we had to make a fire as a group.  Luckily, one of our boys had a surprise for us:

This week, Emmet made his first live, glowing coal with a bow drill!  So today, we teamed up with Emmet to build a great fire.  Some boys gathered good, dry firewood, while others used twigs and tinder to build a little ti pi to receive the flaming bundle we would soon ignite.  Meanwhile, Emmet and Michael and I worked the  bow drill until we had a big juicy coal.  Emmet helped put it in a tinder-bundle, took the bundle to the fire, and blew it into flame.

We spend the rest of the warm day making coal burned bowls, playing fun games, and hanging out at our sit-spots.

Next week, there will be more fire, so bring your bow drill kits (the whole kit!), some dry grass and maybe a dry cat-tail for tinder.

Happy trails!

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