Heron Circle 2/28!

Last week at Heron Circle we had an energetic start to the day with the help of some new faces, Riley, who was visiting to see what Heron Circle was all about, and  Darilynn’s Mom who was in town visiting. After we had all shared our nature names, gave thanks, sang a song together, and ate some lunch, we began to play a version of our old favorite game, fire in the forest. With this version, however, each girl got to pick their own animal, while the person who was “it” called out descriptors and if your animal had that descriptor you had to run. The energy was high as the girls tested both their knowledge of animals and their imagination! All the girls showed big smiles as they worked to come up with more and more creative animals to be.

The group then transitioned into a long awaited game of “Fire Keeper” or “Smaug the Dragon”. Yet, before we did this we all learned 3 more of the points of awareness: Raccoon Touch, Deer Ears, and Avoiding the rut. Ask your Daughters to fill you in on what these point are, and how they are used. The game of “Smaug” was a great way for us to practice these skills and it showed how their awareness skills have clearly been growing. With complete confidence the blindfolded girl who was Smaug, continually pointed directly at the those who were sneaking up on her, as an overseer I could tell they were all using both their ears and their heart/intuition. After everyone in our group had gotten a turn as Smaug, we made our way back to the blankets.

Once we got to the blankets Wendy surprised us by asking us all to lay down and get comfy, and once we were all snuggled in together with our eyes closed she began to talk. She guided us through a journey up into the heavens to find our teacher. We all followed the path of our imagination and inner light up a staircase and through a door, where we met our teacher who showed us what our own personal medicine is. Once we had all awakened from our journey we spent some time sharing as a group about our experience. It was touching to hearing the girls confidently speak about a piece of their medicine, which often depicted something they are really good at. I was personally moved by their enliven imaginations and how fearless they are to be themselves.

The rest of the time was spent finding and collecting a special stick, in which this week we are going to create a wand that is infused with our own medicine that we gained from our journey to the heavens to meet our teacher. We closed as a group by drinking some tea together, singing and old favorite “Oh WInd”, and sharing what we are always going to remember about Heron Circle. Looking forward to see how to girls’ medicine actualizes itself this week!

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