Bear Clan has a run in with Mysterious Pollen!

Over the last few weeks we have continued to on again, off again work on our shelter, which continues to grow as the girls find more and more places to add rooms!! Two weeks ago we began our day with some tracking, due to the snow that had fallen, but was quickly melting as the sun got higher in the sky. As a group, we followed some coyote tracks and some mysterious Yeti tracks up into the upper meadow. Some of the girls, Reagan and Jessica,  suspected that these mysterious Yeti tracks would lead us to yeti poop (AKA marshmallows), and felt very motivated to continue to follow them to their end. However, the rest of group felt very drawn to follow a different set of coyote tracks, that eventually led us to follow some deer track up one of valley walls. The morning felt very silly and adventurous as many of us explored new territory!


This past Wednesday, we spent the morning having some unstructured time around our shelter. Many of us also worked together building a rock bridge across the creek, and moving a large log that we could also use to cross the creek. After lunch, the girls were in for a challenge!


Due to mysterious pollen that was floating in the air as we entered a part of pine grove that we had not been too in a while, all of the girls suddenly lost their eye sight. Their only hope to getting back to the healing waters was to stay as a group and follow the sounds that spirit was sending through the forest. All together, guided by Berkley, the girls follow the song that Darilynn was singing, until they were close enough to the sound of the water that they could guide themselves.


Their seemed to be an air of frustration, which is always a good learning opportunity. The communication between the girls and their ability to come together as a group, even in frustration was moving. Wendy and I were continually giving each other wide eyes and impressed nods as we watched them struggle and succeed through the challenge towards the water.



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