Fire Burning Bright

This week when we met the sun was a little lower in the sky than it has been recently.  It was a beautiful morning to hear the birds announcing their newly forming territories as the light grew in the sky and poured soft pastel colors onto the land from over our red-cliff hill that always covers the eastern sky here.

After morning circle in the high meadow, we sniffed out a deer kill site,  more than a few days old.  There was not much left except lots of fur, some of it seemingly sheared from the body, and a sour smell that wafted on the soft currents of warm air flowing up from the south.  We searched the snow and sand for signs of the culprit, but the only recent tracks showed a large dog had visited the site briefly. We thought it might be a shaggy white domestic dog.

We returned to Juniper camp and divided ourselves into teams to make fire. One group collected wood, one group collected tinder, and one constructed a fire with the wood.  Meanwhile Ben and Kyle worked on making a bow-drill coal.  The time we have spent learning about  fire really showed today!  The fire of our cooperation and focus allowed us to kindle a  blazing flame in just ten or fifteen minutes, all in a very easygoing way.  We spent the rest of the day playing some extra fun games, building swimming holes in the creek, and we heard the story about how some of our instructors learned to make friction fire.

May the blessings of spring bring joy to your hearts!


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