Scouting Metal Monsters

Today we arrived in the chilly wind of this early-spring morning to find that FEMA’s under-informed and carelessly incentivized contractors had plowed much of the post-flood creek bed, clearing many of our forts and gardens and a great deal of habitat for all kinds of mammals, birds and insects.  The good news that a new swimming pond is planned to be excavated was overshadowed by the barrenness of the construction zone and the loss of our familiar meeting places and shelters.

Under the warm rays of the steadily rising sun, our sense of loss quickly turned to indignation, and after exploring the new landscape, we stealthily stalked into the woods to scout out the men in the machines and survey what they were doing.  When we had observed them for a while, our indignation led us to reflect on our relationship (and disconnection) with nature as an urbanized technological society.

Returning to the ti pi feeling hungry, we found that a mischievous Yeti had run off with our lunches and one of our instructors.  Knowing that this Yeti liked fire, we thought that if we smoke signaled him, he might return with our lunches to sit by the fire.  We broke into teams to gather tinder, kindling and fuel, and to build the fire and make a coal.  When it was done, we piled small, green pine boughs on our newly formed bed of coals until smoke poured off of it, and used a plastic sled to waft plumes of it into the air.  Sure enough, the Yeti returned with everyone’s food, and we relaxed together in the warm afternoon.

After lunch we each went off separately to sit alone in nature and dream our own dreams.

Regrouping late in the day, we shared our stories and said our farewells.

So wonderful to see you all again!

Until next time.

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