April’s New Stories

Returning to the park after a week of spring break, we found lots of new buds opening and different bird sounds all around us.  The sky was bright above us, although snow clouds loomed over the mountains.

We quickly noticed another group of kids roaming the creek as part of a science adventure camp.  Sneaking away to un-trodden parts of the park, we discovered a mysterious pile of feathers.  Some of the flight feathers were as big as a chicken’s.  Could someone’s chicken have been carried off to the park at night and eaten?

As we explored further, we found a pair of robins deep in a bush making a  thin ‘seeep’ sound: The hawk alarm.  We looked around for the hawk but saw nothing in the sky.  Moving on, we returned to the center of the park to hold circle before going to our sit spots.  Just then, the Cooper’s hawk flew over our heads!  That little robin knew what was lurking at least 10 minutes before we saw it.

Returning from sit-spot, we gathered for our closing circle.  We named our highs and lows of the day, William snuck over to the science camp’s backpacks and tied a feather to one of them, and then, just as he returned, a lone coyote roamed through the field across the creek from us.  Lot’s of good visitors and good signs!

Last week, we also heard the ending of the story of Peacemaker.  If you are curious maybe one of the boys would like to share some of the story with you!

See you soon!

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