New April Stories

The last few weeks with Coyote Clan have been really rich in new experiences and deep learning- the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime. Cultivating fire-tending as a metaphor for stewarding our own physical, emotional, and creative needs, James, Marcus and I have been steering the boys toward more awareness of the increasing responsibility and independence that we are called to as we grow into adolescents.  As we watch the boys grow, we anxiously anticipate their transition away from dependency into ownership and stewardship of their bodies, hearts and creative vision.

A couple weeks ago, as we prepared for a sit spot, the boys took coals from a central fire, carrying with them the challenge to use the coals to light their own fires and keep them burning brightly for the duration of the sit spot.  All of them happily succeeded, having already learned a lot about how to nurture and care for their fires.  They’ve learned how to use the available materials to make a place for the fire that is conducive to its needs, and they are learning how to really see and listen to the cues the fire is giving them about what it needs to live and be bright, and not smoky.

Never to forget our inner child or forego a chance for some fun, last week’s cool morning of focus and sit-spot quickly turned into a joyous creek romp as soon as the warm sun broke through from behind low clouds.

See you next week.

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