Getting Organized

This week, we sat down with the boys in the warm sun on a chilly morning and talked about how Coyote Clan works.  In the last couple of weeks, James, Marcus and I have been talking about how best to support their transition into adolescence.  What we immediately agreed on was that it seemed clear that giving the boys more responsibility and independence is a vital kind of nourishment for becoming a young man.  We see already that a lot of the boys are really eager for this kind of opportunity and recognition.

Drawing on inspiration from the 8 shields model, we crafted a tentative set of 8 roles that we hope will fulfill some of the major physical, emotional, developmental and cultural needs of the group and the land on which we tread.  When we unveiled these roles to the boys, they were excited, and their faces shone as they were given special responsibility in the group for things like bringing our circles together, remembering and making new songs, welcoming new people, watching out for hazards and caring for the land.

We spent the rest of the day playing capture the flag amid sand lilies, biscuit root and delphiniums in the Juniper trees at the foot of our cliffs.  All the while, the boys had fun trying out their new roles.

See you next week!

One Comment on “Getting Organized

  1. This sounds really great! I applaud each of you for being awake to these often over looked needs of our boys. How sweet it is for Kyelynn to have you all as mentors…and to be held in the beauty of mother earths embrace…sand lilies, delphinium, biscuit root…Juniper…who could ask for anything more?!

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