Tree Climbing… a childhood passion at its finest!

When the girls arrived at Arrowwood Park this week, a quick rain shower had just swiftly passed overhead and the sun was back out, beginning to dry the wet grasses. Wren Circle began with the girls gathered under a tarp together, doing our usual gratitude sharing (thanksgiving) and singing. After enjoying a snack, everyone was ready to pop out from under the shelter and run around in the sunshine. The girls have really been loving the games we play! This week we played “Migration,” a game where each girl essentially gets to “become” any animal they choose, and are then tested on how much they know about that particular animal… all while running back and forth, trying not to get tagged. :)

Our main activity for this week plugged directly into the innate passion of many in this group. Darilynn told a story of a beloved maple tree she loved to climb as a kid growing up. (Some of the girls began to guess that tree-climbing was in their immediate future and could barely contain their excitement!) She invited the girls to each find a tree in the park that they were drawn to climb, and engage with it in stages: how does it feel to be with that tree while you are on the ground with it?, How does it feel to climb it/be up off the ground?, etc. Each girl was then sent off to find a tree for the activity. As a mentor, it was exciting for me to watch how the girls chose their trees, and was also exciting to help some girls climb trees who had very little (or no) experience with climbing. Every single girl in Wren Circle was off the ground and up in a tree for a little while; some girls even sharing space in trees with each other.

The excitement garnered from this simple activity really encapsulates what I have been loving about this Wren Circle group; the girls are so ready to connect with nature in simple and profound ways. So thank you to all you parents who are generously giving them the opportunity to play! We are loving it.

Looking forward to the deepening the connection,

IMG_0983   CameraZOOM-20141001163212061

IMG_0980   CameraZOOM-20141001163154794

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