Wren Circle Makes Clay Pots

Two weeks ago at Wren Circle, on September 24th, after our minds and hearts had been brought together through movement and words of gratitude, we played an excited new game called foxtails. In this high energy running game, it is every fox for herself, as everyone races around trying to steal each other’s tails (bandanas) from each other’s pockets. Upon returning as a whole group to drink some water, we were all told what our next activity was going to be… cleaning up around the creek.

The girls were explained that later on in our day, we were going to take something from the creek, but before we took it, there was an invitation to give back in some way. We decided that cleaning up the trash in the park and by the creek was a great way to do this! Many of the girls were very excited about this and it was hard to pull them away, into what we thought was going to be the fun part of the day, making clay bowls! What little earth stewards we have in this group.

I am sure that most of you got to witness the beautiful creations that they made out of this amazing clay resource right in Arrowwood Park, and before the girls began their artwork, Katie shared some history about clay bowls. Her main points being that you can fire harden clay in the same way we fire it today in kilns. Clay will mold and hold its’ shape better if fine sediment or sand is mixed in with the clay. And also, you can decorate clay bowls with plants, which will burn off if you fire it, or eventually peel off if you just let it air dry. It was so wonderful watching all of the girls experiment with these materials. It became very clear to the girls, after a little bit of experimenting, that there was an ideal ratio of clay to sand, and it was quite sweet watching all them help each other find it!

After a few final touches of grass and different leaves, the pots were ready to dry in the sun. We closed our day together in a circle, near our pots, where we each shared something that we learned and were excited for at Wren Circle this year.

Thanks again for sharing your incredible children! Here are a few photos of some of the girls and their clay bowls..





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