Mink Clan’s First Weeks: Getting to Know Each Other and the Earth

 Mink Clan
Mink Clan
Mink Clan has been off to a strong and exciting start this year! Nearly all the boys are new to Feet On The Earth so it has been really fun introducing key concepts such as giving thanks, respecting the Earth and each other. We have been playing fun games such as fire in the forest (to build quickness), raccoon steals doughnut (to build teamwork) and scout challenges (to build stealth). Overall, I have really enjoyed helping the boys bond by showing them how to work cooperatively to accomplish a goal, while demonstrating the need to respect each other.
Last week we wandered the land with the mission of each boy finding a walking stick. I told the boys that they are responsible for their walking sticks. I hope that they will all come to bond with them as we add decorations in the weeks to come. After some free adventure and play time on the creek, which is always a favorite part of the day, we played a cooperative scout game. In this game I explained that I was a troll who had stolen all of the walking sticks, and it was their mission to sneak by the troll undetected and retrieve them. Ann was working with the boys to remind them to make a plan, which they quickly did. The rules of the game were that if I was within 10 steps of them and they did not see me they would go to jail and have to be rescued by fellow teammates. The boys thought it would be easy to get past me but were definitely surprised at the skill it took to save their sticks. I am hoping that in the next couple weeks the boys will be excited to play more sneaky games and build their connection with the flow and rhythms of the forest. Please check back soon for more stories and pictures to come.  Blessings, Marcus

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