Robin Circle’s First Week 1 – Welcome Back

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A sunny and warm day welcomed us back to Robin’s Circle last week. Faces familiar and new to me joined us at the picnic tables, where old friends connected and new friends were made.

To break the ice, we played a fast game of hug tag, then moved into the field for a game of Fire in the Forest. For some this was their first time playing this fun running game where each of the three animals has their chance to dash through the forest without being tagged.

After a few rounds, our groups split up into two so we could teach the practice of Thanksgiving. This is a ritual we practice each week in which each girl will say what she is feeling thankful for that day. Bringing our hearts and minds together and reminding us of the countless things we have to be grateful for, the girls named things such as the sun, the soft rain that was falling on us, friends, family and Robin’s Circle.

Afterward, we acted out a silly (but important) sketch that taught the girls of the many hazards that we might encounter while at Chautauqua Park. Ann was the “new kid” and had a pretty rough day being chased by a bear, falling onto a cactus, encountering a rattle snake, and getting lost. The girls corrected each mistake that Ann made and together they learned how to keep one another and themselves safe while we are in the wilderness.

A quick name game followed, which turned into quite the dance party as each girl said their name and a dance move, and everyone else had to repeat them. What a fun way to learn one anothers names!

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We hiked the short trail downhill to the Robin’s Nest, a cluster of rocks that has been donned the Nest for the little Robins for a while now. The girls found wild edibles, including apples and plums, built a never-lit fire, and climbed on the rocks.

The theme of wild edibles will follow us this week as we continue to take note of the abundance that is provided in nature!

Until then,

Arielle, Ann, Maddie and Lorene

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