Fall Harvest with Robin Circle

Nature program, outdoor skills, Boulder Colorado

Our second week with Robin’s Circle held many adventures and constant play.

Starting out with a game of Run Rabbit Run, we let loose of a little excess energy as we chased each other about the grassy field. Once we were tuckered out, we sat in our Opening Circle and said thanksgiving and shared snack. After thanksgiving, Ann Spider shared a story of a playful fox she spotted outside her window that morning, which inspired the other girls to share stories of their most memorable animal sighting! We heard about bears, birds, owls and wild cats. What animals would we spot that day?

Lorene told us about a relative of the rose, Hawthorn, which produces edible and medicinal red berries.

Next, we split into two groups. One group visited the Robin’s nest while the other hiked the trail nearby as both groups learned about wild and sacred harvest. The Sacred Harvest is a dialogue between human and plant, as the human asks the plant’s permission to harvest some of its fruit or leaves. We taught the girls to listen to their intuition when they are harvesting a plant, and if they feel the plant is saying yes, they may harvest. If there is no “yes,” the girl mustn’t harvest from that plant, and there is probably a reason why.

We wandered the woods looking for fruits and berries and discovered that wild edibles were plentiful! Trees were bursting with wild plums, sweet peas shone bright pink in the green growth, and apples specked the ground beneath apple trees. As one pair of girls was wandering through the woods, they came across a giant bull snake! They let him or her pass by and were thrilled to see such a large reptile sharing their forest!

This cool day was a wonderful inspiration for our weeks to come harvesting and preparing foods from the abundant edible plants in our forests!

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