Village Day Overnight and Beyond…

Bear Clan’s hope of practicing our scout skills on the overnight became a true reality! The girls spent a huge chunk of the evening before bedtime, sneaking up on the other clans, only to find out that all of the other clans were also sneaking up on them –what fun! Lorene spent most of the evening sneaking around with the girls, and they must have been having a blast because Jennifer Nienhouse (Bear Clan parent) and I, were waiting at our Bear Clan rendezvous point for over an hour and a half! We even at one point employed the Coyote Clan boys to go and find Bear Clan for us, since we were not able to leave our meet-up spot. It was an amazing bonding experience not just between the Bear Clan girls, but for the entire village. These kids in our programs are so respectful and playful, and the evening scouting activities were a perfect example of how to have healthy competition. Since the overnight, I have heard a lot of kids ask if we can overnights every week!

Eventually, all of the girls made it back to our rendezvous point the night of the overnight, and were all bursting with excitement to tell Jennifer and I exactly what they had been up too for the last 2 hours or so. It was a challenge to hear all of stories of triumph and failure in and amongst all of the laughter and passion. I found myself reflecting on my own experience of childhood a lot that night, and I could not imagine anything more fun than the massive scouting adventures that occurred at that overnight.

Over the last few weeks, when we have not been peeling tipi poles, Lorene and I have noticed, through our games and the many scouting opportunities that Village Day holds, how much their awareness skills continue to grow each day. For when these girls can contain their giggles, they are awesome scouts! They also have been put to test by some close, amazing animal encounters. All of them have been able to calm their excitement, still their mind, and just observe the magic of the natural world and the animals that inhabit it. All of which is very challenging to do when you are caught off guard by super cool wild life! Be sure to ask your girls all about the wild turkeys and deer that we were visited by and check out these photos of our last few weeks together!

Bear Clan's view of Raccoon Clan's camp the morning of the overnight
Bear Clan’s view of Raccoon Clan’s camp the morning of the overnight


Cooking breakfast together!
Cooking breakfast together!


Thanks to the flood, we now have a Bear Clan mascot... Jerry!
Thanks to the flood, we now have a Bear Clan mascot… Jerry!



Learning about felting with Rhea (Raccoon Clan parent)
Learning about felting with Rhea (Raccoon Clan parent)


All of Bear Clan's beautiful felted egg shakers
All of Bear Clan’s beautiful felted egg shakers



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