Week 3: Connecting With Each Other, Nature, and Ourselves


nature, kids, outdoor skills, Boulder, Colorado,


nature, kids, outdoor skills, Boulder, Colorado,


We started off with a fun game of Coyote and Hare today, which mimics the natural interactions between these two local animals. The girls ran around for a while until we joined in a circle for Thanksgiving, song and snack. We then played a quick game of “Four Fun Fabulous Facts” where the girls got into pairs, learned 4 interesting facts about their partner, then shared the facts about their new friend with the group. We learned all kinds of interesting things about each other!

Next, we journeyed down to the Robin’s Nest. On our way, we collected leaves of as many colors as we could find. On top of the big rock, the girls created a mandala with their found objects, consisting of a rainbow of leaves and some fruit.

The weather and open structure of the day allowed the girls to continue getting to know one another and feel more comfortable on the wild land!

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