Week 1: Fresh snow reveals wild wanderers

At our first week back at Robin’s Circle, we were lucky to have a fresh coat of snow on the ground that allowed for abundant tracking opportunities!

We began our day with a game of Raccoon Steals Donut, followed by Opening Circle, Thanksgiving, a round of Robin Circle’s song, and a fun  movement activity. We also gave a warm welcome to our new intern, Adriana, who is very excited to be joining us this year! We also sent out gratitude to Maddie, our intern from last Winter, who unfortunately couldn’t join us this Spring. Thank you to Maddie and welcome, Adriana!


Our small group then enjoyed a quick snack break before we headed down to the Robin’s Nest where we promptly began looking at the many tracks that were left around the area! These included squirrels, birds, and plenty of deer! One of our bright girls suggested that we play a new game where we track one another! This allowed the girls to practice their tracking skills on one another, by paying close attention to the boot-prints of their fellow Robins, and finding out where they hid by following their tracks! What a fun game and great tracking practice!

Though the day was chilly, we had a great time playing in the snow this week.


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