The Mink Clan Boys Brave the Winter

Wow it has been a great past two weeks with Mink Clan! To be honest, I was slightly nervous about the prospect of leading the boys in program through the winter months. But how my fears have been unwarranted! I could not be more surprised and proud of the level at which all the boys have excelled in these snowy conditions, I have not heard a single complaint. In my past when guiding older groups through winter the complaints seem to come nonstop but not Mink Clan, they come ready and willing.

winter tracking

Our first week back on the land I heavily focused on wandering and reorienting the group, since we had a couple new boys and its always good for returning kids to get back into the swing of things. On days like those I always like to reemphasize the commitments we agree to when joining Feet on the Earth (respecting ourselves, others, and the Earth).
 Out on our wanders we followed the trails and tracks of many animals including coyotes, mice, voles, raccoons and a mystery animal that the boys weren’t able to identify on the spot but I am sure we will see more of this little guy before the winter is out.
This past week I was pleased to find upon awaking that it was just below freezing and only lightly snowing but right as 10 o’clock struck the snow started coming in hard. None the less, the Mink Clan boys were unperturbed and came ready to play. We made our way across the river (ferried on the backs of myself and Ann) and ended up making a fire in our tipi and telling stories of animal encounters.
Near the end of the day I took the boys up to upper meadow a place they had never been before. Without hesitation their adventurous spirits exploded with a mission to climb the steep snowy grade to the summit. By the time we made it half way up it was time to return to camp and so we decided to descend.
Looking forward to more adventure with mink clan.
Your kids Rock
Best Wishes
Marcus Hans Kastner

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