Week three: Foxes play in the snow!

It was such a beautiful day at Chautauqua with the girls. Both Arielle and I were impressed with how deep into play and group mind everyone was able to go.The snow was deep and fun.

We started our day with our beginning circle.  Arielle had on the perfect hat of a fox, so we all followed her onto a new part of the trail.


The girl admittedly found a small river and began to play. We invited them to find a special spot on this plot of the land and imagine they were a fox.  I was blown away with how the girls where able to embody this perspective and how much they learned from nature while doing so. Their awareness was heightened and they dropped more into the landscape as well as let that beautiful wild part of themselves free.
A game called camouflage came after that and the girls did a great job of finding sneaky hiding spots without being seen in the snow – even thought they had on bright colors!!!!
We continued to hike around and eventually found ourselves at the Robins’ Nest. By then, our time together was coming to a close, so we shared what we learned from being a fox, and our highlights of the day. The Robins all sang songs and walked back up to greet you wonderful parents.
As a mentor I would like to say this was one of the best days with girls. Both Arielle and I can see that the group dynamic is strong. The learning the girls have had by coming to Robin Circle through the last few years shined today!  Thank you for taking care of such amazing and spirited girls.

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