Owl Circle Gets to Know Each Other


Hello beloved Owl Circle families,

We had such a blast getting to know each other yesterday at Owl Circle!  We started the day off “running through the forest” in a game called Fire in the Forest.  Then we sat in the sand, basking in the sunshine, as we gave thanks for all that we are grateful for.  We impersonated animals and talked about what to do when faced with a dangerous animal. Then, we got to know all that we have in common with a game called “West Wind Blows”.  The highlight of the day was wandering the land aimlessly to get acquainted with this beautiful place that we will be connecting with over the coming months.  Some things that drew the kids were the trebuchet, some canine tracks in the sand, the recently re-constructed tipi, the flowing creek, and a pit where the earth had eroded to expose beautiful, crumbled red rock.  We had so much fun mixing it with water and adorning each other’s faces with the earthen paint.  When we circled up to share our highlights of the day, some of the top picks were exploring and painting faces.  Looks like we have some camouflaging scouts on our hands!
Some of the things we heard the most enthusiasm for in the group are fire, exploring, camouflaging, and games.  Between all of these, we can keep them moving and learning as they burn off some of that after-school energy!  It takes a  lot of energy to run around on the land and stay warm out there!  They were all well-dressed for the snow, and stayed warm and dry the whole afternoon.  Thank you for sending your most precious loved ones to us well-prepared to enjoy the wild outdoors, no matter what the elements may bring!
Sandy Chervenak

Ann Hackney

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