Week Four: Celebrating Winter with Fire and Fortresses

Last Monday was a sparkling day full of snow play. We began as usual, with opening circle, Thanksgiving, and free play in the snow. We were lucky to have a snow block maker which inspired some of the girls to begin building an igloo while others dug holes as shelter!



Then, we wandered up the hill to learn how to build a fire. The girls learned quickly that fire-building is quite difficult in the snow! But we learned how to find kindling and sticks that weren’t too wet to burn.

Ann spider led the girls in learning to build the fire. She taught us a useful little trick: using an organic cotton tampon as tinder! It lights easily and serves as a great coal starter! Once the coal was lit and the kindling was burning, we offered sticks to the fire, gently, and watched as our creation came to life!


The girls couldn’t wait to start making their s’mores! In order to earn their two marshmallows, they answered a question about how to start a fire. Each girl learned so much!


Finally, as we enjoyed our s’mores and warmed our hands over the fire, Ann taught us the five  most important things about survival: Attitude, Shelter, Water, Food, and Fire!


See you next week!

Ann, Arielle, and Adriana

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