Week Five: Wandering in Wild Woods

On this snowy day, the girls ventured out on a scavenger hunt! They asked, “Did you hide things?”

I responded, “No, this isn’t that kind of scavenger hunt, but Mother Nature has hidden treasures all around for us!”

The hunt was based on the girls’ Nature Names which they picked from a hat over one year ago! I was impressed that most of the girls remembered their animal.

As the girls embodied their Nature Name animal, they paired up and followed this list to discover many of Nature’s wonders.


Nature Name Scavenger Hunt

1. Find a place where your animal might be found. Sit there for 2 minutes and embody that animal. What does it see, smell, feel, hear, taste, think?

2. Find a sign of spring.
3. Find a footprint that isn’t made by a human
4. Listen for sounds of other animals. Are they predators, prey, or friends?
5. Find something your animal might like to eat.
6. Sit in another place your spirit animal might be found. How many different sounds can you hear?
7. Connect with another girl and hear about her  animal, what she experienced as she embodied her animal, and where she thinks her animal might like to live!

What a joyous day in the woods!

Nature Names:

Imogen: Tiger Swallowtail

Clementine: Elk

Lolita: House Finch

Violet: Fox Squirrel

Skyler: Black-capped Chickadee

Auden: Lesser Goldfinch

Clover: Yellow-bellied Marmot

Sophia: Stellar’s Jay

Arielle: White-Breasted Nuthatch

Anne: Wolf Spider

Adriana: Mink

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