Week Seven: Giving Thanks to the Fairies of the Forest

It was a sunny and warm day today at Robin Circle and the girls were excited to be back with us after a week off.

We spent the first part of our day learning about the directions and which season is represented by the cardinal directions. We stood in a circle, and Ann Spider taught us about the directions, and how the fairies take care of the earth and the animals during each part of the cycle. We created movements for each direction, acting out the cycle of the seasons and giving thanks to the fairies for their tasks during the year.


East: Spring, where the sun rises as do the plants.

South-east: Mid-spring, where the plants get tough and the fairies stay strong!

South:Summer, when the food-bearing plants are planted and beginning to grow.

South-west:Mid-summer, when food is harvested and the fairies hang it to dry for Winter.

West: Fall, and the sun-setting, brings fairies out to paint the leaves in brilliant shades of red and orange.

North-west: Mid-fall, when the leaves are carried gently down to the ground.

North:Winter, when all the plants and animals (and most of the fairies) go into hibernation.

North-east:Mid-winter, a rebirth, where the fairies re-emerge and prepare for the coming spring!

Center: The solid center of the earth, that holds strength and carries all that exists here on Earth. And the sky,  which blankets us and breathes us the oxygen and light we need to grow!


Following this fun activity, the girls were given handfulls of rose petals and lavender, which were given as offerings to the fairies for all that they do for us! The girls were drawn to special places where they sprinkled their offerings and played with the fairies and each other!!

  IMG_7419 IMG_7426

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