Week Six: Drum Stalk in the Meadow

 The drum stalk is a iconic experience for Feet On The Earth Participants.

As an intern during the summer of 2013, I participated in my first drum stalk. Barefoot and blindfolded in the dark woods, to say I was nervous is an understatement! But the guidance and compassion from the counselors, and knowing I was adventuring into the woods with a dozen intelligent and incredible young people, I knew I could make it!

This week, I was able to lead the drum stalk with Robin Circle. Holding a drum I carried from Lima, Peru back to Colorado, I felt happy to provide this incredible experience for these young girls.


Watching each girl from my post, I beat the drum, beckoning them through the meadow. Each girl ran into trouble in their own way, whether it was becoming tangled in tree branches or slipping on snow into a ditch, they all ventured bravely in blindness and found their way to me by listening to the sound of the drum. They stepped carefully and felt with their hands and hearts.


All three of us counselors were so impressed with the girls and proud of the way they challenged themselves in this activity! What courageous girls they are! :)

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