Owl Circle’s Icey Adventures

IMG_7062Yesterday was one of our most exciting adventures yet at Owl Circle!
After playing our opening game, we packed up and headed straight to the creek to cross over to the tipi on the other side.  The courage and adventurousness of the kids was inspiring, as they opted to cross the creek the challenging ways: first, over the dam, and returning by simply hopping stones and balancing across fallen branches.  Once we crossed, the kids led us to the tipi, having remembered where it was spatially, not even having been there before!  Once we got there, we gave thanks all cozied up in the sheltering canvas of the tipi.  The children showed impressive basic fire-making knowledge, and we pooled that with some new ideas and concepts to build our own one-match fire.  The feel of community and unity was tangible as each person in Owl Circle stepped up to help, be it in blowing on the fire, adding fuel, gathering firewood, or breaking down sticks.  Everyone had something to eagerly contribute to the fire that we had so magically sparked and sang in to creation.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back across the river (the adventurous way, of course), and it was a gleeful trip, breaking the ice on the creek’s surface and splashing in the water.  Thank you for equipping your children well to be able to have such fun and still stay warm and dry!  Returning to the pick-up location, it was hard to get everyone to stop playing and go home; they were having so much fun!

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