Sneaky Owls

sneaky owls
The sun graced us with his delicious rays Tuesday as we embarked on our weekly Owl Circle adventure.  We started with some games to blow off steam before settling in to give thanks and eat a snack.  Zeke shared with us that he had gone home after last week’s cordage-making lesson and made some cordage out of toilet paper. Impressive!
Fully nourished and ready to explore we headed to the dam for a daring creek crossing and hiked to the perfect place for a short dive in to our sensory awareness. Then, each owl got blindfolded and led to a length of string which they followed around trees and bushes.  This Sting Stalk invited them to use other senses besides sight, slow down, and become much more curious and aware about what is directly round them.  They all took on the challenge bravely and followed the string all the way to it’s end.  Afterwards, they got a chance to silently sneak up on a blindfolded “fire keeper” in an attempt to steal their “fire” (a raincoat) without being heard or detected.  It was definitely an edge for some of these kids who are used to moving quickly without regard for the noise that their steps make, but they all ultimately had fun.
By then, it was already time to head back to the pick-up site, so we took our time to play and check out the wild edible plants along the way.  What a blast!

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