Week Ten: A Creative Day With Dona


On this overcast Monday, which we luckily sustained fairly dry, we were visited by Dona Laurita, a wonderful local artist.

We wandered over to her outdoor studio and each sat beside a beautiful nest and a blank sheet of paper.

Beginning with a meditation, a golden moment sounded by the singing bowl, we connected our hearts and became present.


Dona guided us to take ten pictures in our minds (with the help of an old film slide) of images we would like to have in our “nest” our home or place of comfort.


After, we sat together and wrote about our nest. We all presented our descriptions, which included safe, cozy spaces, activities that we love, the things that surround us and what we think about when we are there. Lolita’s nest stood out to me when she said that she loves to lay in her hammock, all alone, listening to the sound of a windchime while she thinks about how she can save the world. What a beauty!


Following this writing exercise, we all traced ten frames on our paper and drew ten images for our nests. There were friends, flowers, a cottontail rabbit, hillsides and so much more!


We are so thankful for art today and how funit is to be creative! And of course, we are all thankful for our nests!

Until next week,

Arielle and Ann

Check out Dona Laurita’s website here! http://donalauritagallery.com/

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