Listen with the Ears of a Deer… Jay Circle Update

We had a sneaky day this week in Jay Circle, and sneaking is an important skill for being able to walk through nature unnoticed and see lots of wildlife!  We started the day with our most beloved running game “Fire in the Forest”: the advanced version! Then, after giving thanks and having a snack, we learned how to listen with the ears of a deer, see peripherally with the eyes of an owl, and walk with the silence of a fox.  All of these skills would surely come in handy in our most long-awaited game of the season… Capture the Flag!  The whole playground was our field, and the game was epic.
As well as allowing us to practice our scout skills, this game brought up some of he difficulties of working as a team and being a good sport.  It gave us a good chance to address that within the group.  To calm everyone down, and let them re-center, we sent them out to sit alone and really just be with the plants and the birds and the bugs and themselves.  Refreshed, we were able to come back together to play a couple of their favorite hiding and tagging games before the day was done.

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