Week 11: Camouflaged

This week’s Robin Circle was a bit on the chilly side, as the forest was soaked with the weekend’s rain. We decided to stay warm by wandering in the forest and playing a perpetual game of Camouflage, or Eagle-Eye.

The girls began with Thanksgiving and our Robin Circle song. Then we began our wander.


We returned to a place where we became foxes just a few weeks ago. Then, the ground and trees were covered in snow. This familiar place was completely different this week, speckled with newly planted seedlings to rejuvenate the creek bed after much of the foliage was taken by the flood in September of 2013.

After a short sit-spot where we all embodied the playful fox, we began playing. Ann calls out, “Eagle Eye!” and begins counting to 30 as all the little foxes scatter to their hiding spots where they can still see Ann.


She points out anyone she can see from where she stands, then round two begins. Counting to 20, the foxes find a new and closer hiding spot, and she finds as many as she can. The last round gives the foxes 10 seconds to run up to Ann and tag her!


We spent the last half-hour playing at the Robin’s nest, where many played (and some got soaked!) in the creek. The fog surrounded us on this gorgeous spring day.

IMG_7622 IMG_7599

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