Week 13: Rainy Day Potluck and “See ya later!”‘s for Summer!

It is always bittersweet when we reach our final day of a season of Robin Circle.

To celebrate another absolutely wonderful program, we did a special ceremony of love and appreciation for each girl in the program. Ann and I created little appreciation cards for each girl that accented a skill, talent, or strength that we have seen develop throughout our time together. After we read each card, the girls went around and said their own appreciation of each girl. There was so much love, it was overwhelming!

After this, we went down to the Robin’s Nest to play for a bit before heading back up the hill to meet the parents for the potluck.IMAG0117

We joined Hawk’s Circle and went around in a circle telling the parents what our highlights were for the year. After, Sandy of Hawk’s Circle led us in a thanksgiving song before we ate wonderful snacks provided by the families.


It was an absolutely beautiful season with the Robins and Ann Spider and I can’t tell you all enough how wonderful each and every one of your daughters are! We see so much light and love in each girl and can’t wait to continue to grow with them in the Fall!

Hope everyone has a warm and adventurous Summer and we will see you all in the Fall!

Much love to all,

Ann Spider and Arielle Nuthatch


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