Week 1: Becoming Hawks

Welcome back to Feet on the Earth! While our circle’s name has changed, our love for this wonderful group has only grown!

After many hugs were exchanged, and fire in the forest was played, we sat down for a heartfelt introduction into Hawk Circle from our Executive Director, Lorene. She spoke about growing up, and how things change with time. While some were concerned that we couldn’t visit the Robin’s nest anymore, we reaffirmed them that the Robin’s Nest is still our special place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find new, beautiful places to explore, too! While this introduction happened, a Stellar’s Jay visited us, and we learned that often Stellar’s Jays are a good indicator when Hawks are around!

We heard from each girl what they were looking forward to learning this season. We heard everything from propelling from rocks, to making paint brushes, to shelter building, to tracking animals. Now Pinar, Rivi and I have so many great ideas for projects for this season! We were glad to set intentions on this day so that the girls can feel heard and we can structure the program to fit their needs and goals!

Finally, we got to go back to our sacred place, the Robin’s Nest. A few of the girls and both of our new mentors hadn’t been here before so it was a special return for everyone. Soon after, many were moved to explore new places, so we traveled the McClintock trail, came across many bear scats, and learned about Mullen from Pinar!

Overall, this was a wonderful welcome into Hawk Circle and we are excited to continue to learn and grow together!IMAG0293

With gratitude,

Arielle, Pinar, and Rivi

(Please don’t hesitate to contact Arielle or Pinar with any questions or comments. We are here to support you and would love to hear from you!)

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