Week 1: New faces, new places

Welcome to Robin Circle! It was such a pleasure to meet (or see again) your daughters today. What a wonderfully sweet and energetic group we have this season!

Most of today was spent giving a bit of an introduction to Robin Circle as well as getting to know one another.

The girls now understand the agreements of Feet on the Earth:

Respect yourself.

Respect others.

Respect nature.

Let a mentor know if you need to leave the circle for any reason.

After we got this business out of the way, we got to the fun stuff. We got to hear from each girl what they were looking forward to this season. This inspired all of us mentors. We have so many ideas of fun projects to do!


Finally, we got to explore! Many of the girls were familiar with the park and showed us what some call the Jungle, a wooded area behind the playground with the best climbing tree around!

We played in the tree and even stumbled upon some partially built shelters! Immediately, So began assisting the group in adding onto the shelter.


We can’t wait until next week’s circle. Hope everyone has a great week!

With gratitude,

Arielle, So, Ventana and Sage

(Please don’t hesitate to contact So or Arielle with any questions you might have! We are here to support you and love to hear from you!)

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