Week 2: Harvest for primitive paints

Sweet Pea flowers, bark, choke cherries, sumac, rose hips, sunflower petals, juniper berries, black stones, charcoal, yellow dock, and so much more!!


Today at Hawk Circle we began a project that may span a few weeks: learning the craft of making primitive paints!

After running around for 30 minutes playing an exciting and challenging game of Fox Tails, we sat down to talk about hieroglyphs and the purpose they serve. A comment that stuck with us was this: Imogen suggested that our ancestors may have left images and designs to remind us of something important, or to document an important event. She also spoke of a leopard hieroglyph which she said represented the Sun God, who was believed to turn into a leopard at night.

This idea of ancestral knowledge and the documentation of important knowledge and events is a theme we will follow throughout this project.

Today, we had an amazing time exploring the trail toward Gregory Canyon. We found as many different colored organic materials as we could that we will grind into powders to make paint. We also discovered a few patches of yucca, which we can harvest to make our paint brushes!


Andrew, our guest mentor for today and next week, helped us to do some bird watching as well! We spotted finches, flickers, robins, and magpies!IMG_8128


Until next time,

Arielle, Rivi and Andrew

2 Comments on “Week 2: Harvest for primitive paints

  1. Thank you! Love the pictures you are including. You may consider posting some of these blog posts to your FB page, which will roll into people’s feeds automatically vs. remembering to return to this website. ;)

    • Thank you! I will remind our social media person to repost all blogs there so you can get them!

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