WEEK 2: The flock strengthens and bonds

Our second week was our first one with all 5 boys. This is a really solid group and I think everyone is going to really help take care of each other! I am excited to see where the year takes us.

Today the crew all seemed really excited about scouting so we went on a little mission to gather some intel. I cannot speak too much to our secret mission and may have said too much already! ;) I will say this though: there is something special about a group of humans sliding on their bellies like snakes and communicating through hand gestures and bird calls. Maybe it is a link back to our ancestors or maybe it makes us feel closer to the wild things about us, but it always leaves me feeling excited!


Even though it is technically fall, someone forgot to tell the sun so it was still near 90 degrees out! So after our mission, we slid back on down to the creek. There was a consensus formed that we should move upstream in the water with the trout. So after a few swings on the rope, shoes were removed and we followed the creek. We made it all the way up to check on the mystery rodent from last week, but there was a new mystery — it was gone!!!


We went to the deepest pools we could find to spread out and slow down. We attempted to catch some trout with our bare hands. This turned out to be harder than it appeared! Perhaps we could try another method before the year is up! We did get to each have one Wild Plum as a consolation prize… Seems like they may be our last ones of the season!


To wind down at the end, we played a super fun game called Firekeeper. The “fire” in the game is a noisy pair of keys and the Firekeeper is blindfolded and seated cross-legged in the center of a circle. All the other players are on the outside. The goal is to sneak in and snatch the fire and sneak back to the outside of the circle without drawing the attention of the Firekeeper. This is not as easy as it sounds, for once a blindfold goes on one generally finds themselves tuning in to their other senses to inform them of their surroundings.

Just like that we found ourselves at the end of the day! Time sure flies when you are having fun in nature! And fruit flies love a banana.  See you next week!

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